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                  Have you and your spouse reached an                                      agreement concerning the division of                                marital assets? Are you in agreement regarding the custody of your children and their support? Have you both decided its in your best interests to part amicably?  If you've answered yes to all these questions, your divorce is uncontested and you're to be commended.  

    In an emotional arena that plays out on the most turbulent and emotional landmines, you've managed to rise above and keep your family's best interests primary.  You are ahead of the game and you are going to save yourselves tons of money.Alternatively, should your spouse not respond to your service of divorce papers, your divorce may also be uncontested.We will solidify your agreement and/or final papers, ensure that they are legally enforceable and finalize your divorce. You have evidenced your good faith, but don't leave it up to the fates at this point.  

    Utilize an experienced attorney to ensure that your legal rights are protected, both now and in the future.We realize that all situations are unique. Please feel free to call at 646-308-1401 or email at to discuss further.